Hiring - the way you always thought it should be.

Interviews, candidate tracking, reminders, and more - HireOrbit manages all of your hiring workflows,
making it easier and faster to get the talent your company needs.

Job Opening Management

Custom Hiring Flows For Each Job Opening

We know that hiring an engineer is very different from hiring an account executive. On HireOrbit you can customize the stages and hiring process for every job opening you create.

Custom Branded Careers Site

Every company using HireOrbit gets its own custom branded careers site. On this site potential candidates can search through all of your open positions and apply as well.

Candidate Management

Pipeline Clarity

Filter and search your positions, get a high level overview of candidate flow, and drill down into job openings.

Simple UI, designed for you

No more spreadsheets. With our beautifully designed UI, it's easier to digest the information you need, when you need it.

Calendar & Two-Way Email Integration

HireOrbit connects with both your email and calendar to help build complete candidate profiles and keep your entire team on the same page.

Custom, Interactive Take-Home Interviews

HireOrbit's built in Take-Home Interview system allows you to fully automate your initial screening stages with a variety of question types including one way video questions. Once your candidates submit their interviews, we provide a great set of tools to review them on your own time.

Hiring Pipeline Automation

HireOrbit provides an automated action system so that you can spend more time working with candidates and less time doing repetitive data entry and organization. This is currently in Beta and will be availabe to all users soon.

Automated Scheduling Tools

Scheduling is often the most time consuming part of hiring. HireOrbit provides an automated scheduling tool that syncs with your calendar so you can avoid those five emails back and forth trying to find a time to talk.

Autograded Technical Interviews

Let your engineers focus on building great products. HireOrbit's automated technical assesment tool allows you to assess programming skills with just a few button clicks.

Wide Language Support

Create programming questions in Java, C, C++, R, Ruby, Python, Racket, Scala, C#, Cobol, Go, ARM Assembly, Node, Standard ML, PHP, MIPS, OCaml, MATLAB, Swift, and more.

Track every interaction with your candidates on their HireOrbit profiles

Video calls, emails, notes and interviews - track all of your teams interactions with candidates from screening to signed offer.

Integrated Video Calling

HireOrbit provides an integrated video call system so you don't need to fumble around with third party tools. Every video call allows you to take notes and store a recording on the candidate's profile.

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